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Our machines are leading the way towards more efficient recycling in Sweden

At Norditek we develop new machines that solve more problems in the are of recycling materials. We sell, lease and rent out our own machines as well as crushers and any other machines needed to solve your problem. Apart from our own brand we are the supplier of the brands Finlay, Backers, Tana and Goudsmit here in Sweden.

Norditek has sold over 700 machines in Sweden and apart from carrying plenty of spare parts and machines, we always have new ideas on how to solve recycling problems. We put together concepts where different machines solve different kinds of problems. When you’re dealing with more complex challenges in recycling, please contact us at Norditek.

Norditek 2021

A few of our machines

Watersplitter VB1400

This machines splits material by putting them in water where different parts either will be sinking or floating. We are happy to tell you more about these products, do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you in the right direction.

Windshifter VS1220

With a windshifter, it is possible to separate lighter materials from heavier ones. A windshifter has several uses, for example to separate stone from bark but also to separate unburnt material from slag, paper and plastic.

Eddy Current EC1000

Norditek’s eddy current separator can separate non-magnetic metal such as aluminium, copper, brass and more. The eddy current unit is built by Dutch magnet manufacturer Goudsmit.

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