Sorting waste and recycled wood for a cleaner fuel

Our sorting concept provides a cleaner fuel with less content of stone, glass, concrete, etc. A cleaner fuel creates significantly less ash, which helps boiler owners to reduce their ash handling costs. As stone and glass do not burn, it is also therefore unnecessary to put them in the boiler.

The material owner receives increased revenue on all end products, while the environment and society benefit from reduced transportation of ash and stone and reduced mining operations because metals are recycled before incineration. Working to recycle metal today saves a lot of energy. Aluminum is a good example as it saves 95% of the energy otherwise needed to create new aluminum. Recycling steel saves 75% of the energy.

What is recycled wood?

Reclaimed wood is previously used wood material, such as wood construction and demolition waste. To improve the quality of reclaimed wood, the fines in the final product can be reduced using a Screening plants. A windshifter can also remove impurities of different density, such as plastics, aluminum, etc.

Waste separation into three fractions 

With Norditek's new concept in waste sorting, the waste is sorted into 3 fractions with a flipflow sieve, of which 2 fractions are wind sifted. The wind sifters remove heavy material such as stone, gravel, concrete, glass, etc. and the magnets can pick out metal in the heavy fraction.

Cooperation between Norditek and suppliers 

This fuel concept has been made possible by bringing together Norditek's many years of expertise in the development and manufacture of windscreens, with waste screen suppliers from Germany and Ireland. Previously, only light materials and small fractions, 0-200 mm, were allowed to pass through the windscreen. However, with the new version, also heavier materials such as stone and concrete blocks up to 1 meter in size can be run through the windscreen.

Landfill mining & landfill recycling

Similar concepts are successfully used for Landfill Mining, or the recycling of old landfills. Other applications of sorting within the same concept are soil remediation, such as sorting contaminated wood from soil and rock.

Screening plants at Norditek

With us you can find a variety of Screening plants. We have machines that handle everything from materials of 0.33 mm to larger and heavier designs.

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