Semi-stationary installation

Our semi-stationary plants can be built for all types of materials and are well suited for working with large and constant material flows.

Tailored to your material

All types of materials

Fits Norditek's modular system

Possible to get very high capacity

When our mobile solutions are not enough, we can develop a semi-stationary solution instead. The facilities are tailored to your material to increase capacity in line with a growing need.

Our expertise in recycling and waste management allows us to offer semi-stationary facilities adapted to a variety of material flows and volumes. Whether you need to handle mixed waste, construction and demolition waste, industrial waste, or something else entirely, our solutions can be tailored for optimal material production.

Through careful material analysis and testing, along with digitally designing all installations, we ensure the right solution early in the process. When plants are in operation, we are always there as a partner for the future. 


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