water bath

Norditek VB1400

The water bath separates material that sinks from what floats. Wood and stone, for example, have different buoyancy and can be effectively separated with the VB1400. At the same time, the water bath carries out a light washing of the material.

For fractions 0-300 mm

Used for industrial, construction, demolition and waste sand.

Fits Norditek's modular system

Product description

Norditek's water bath is a simple and efficient machine that separates materials by buoyancy by adjusting the speed of the water stream (and possibly the density of the water using salt). You get three fractions out of the water bath: floating, sinking and the sludge. The sludge exits through a sludge screw on the side of the machine. 

In addition to separating on the basis of buoyancy, the water bath also carries out a light washing of the material. This makes it possible to remove fine particles, which are pumped out through a sludge screw.

The water bath can be used on input materials such as industrial, construction and demolition waste, waste sand, etc. For example, for separating wood from stone or for separating various other mixed materials where buoyancy separates them.

Technical specification

  • Electricity: 400V/32A
  • Power: 6.61 kW
  • Proposed power plant: 10 kVA
  • Maximum capacity: varies
  • Input height: 3.0 m
  • Attachment for moving: Large BM / 4-part
  • Connection glove: 32 A
  • Water connection: 1 x claw coupling.
  • Transportmått: L6250xB2900xH3675mm
  • Weight: 4.57 tons (standard version)
VB1400, top view

Product sheet

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