Norditek VS1220

Our windshifter makes it possible to separate more light materials from heavier ones with great accuracy. There are many adjustment possibilities depending on the input material and the module is easy to connect to a crusher or screen.

For fractions 0-600 mm

Separates lightweight materials such as bark, paper, plastic

Fits Norditek's modular system

Product description

With Norditek's windshifter you can adjust the throwing parabola, air flow, air pressure, gap opening and friction roller. 

This means that we can separate materials based on shape, aerodynamic properties, density, coefficient of friction and chipping index.

Therefore Our windshifter can separate more materials with greater accuracy. The VS1220 has acapacity of up to 150 m3/h (the material size ratio should not exceed 1:5) which, together with the adjustment possibilities, makes it the most efficient wind screen on the market.

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Technical specification

  • VS1220
  • Power: 17.25 kW
  • Electricity: 400V/32A
  • Proposed power plant: 20 kVA
  • Max capacity: 150 m³/h*
  • Input height: Adjustable 2.75-3.9 m.
  • Weight: 2.825 tons
  • Emergency stop: 2 pcs
  • Support legs: Adjustable support legs.
  • Bracket for moving the sight: Large BM / 4-part
  • Transportmått: L4625xB2480xH2595-4275mm
VS1220, top view

Product sheet

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Output belt

windshifter accessories

Rubber stopper

windshifter accessories

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