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From material samples to modular systems

By carefully analyzing material samples before proposing the solution, we ensure that we get it right from the start. This minimizes errors, increases efficiency and saves time and resources.

Based on the analysis results, we design and customize mobile recycling plants where you get more out of the materials. As all plants are modular, it is easy to combine crushers and Screening plants with smaller modules such as wind screens, eddy current magnets and water bath. This gives you more flexibility to handle more material and get more clean fractions.

The CEO speaks

Why work with Norditek?

The unique thing about Norditek is that all the profitability we create for you as a customer also becomes a profit for our society. With our machines and all Our knowledge about recycling, you can make greater environmental and economic benefits.

We are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to something positive for the future. At the same time, our main focus is that you as a customer should get more out of your material. With Our knowledge and experience, we help you to see more opportunities, to simply be able to look further ahead than others to see profitability in different types of projects. You will stand safely on our shoulders and we will succeed together.


Throughout our company's 23-year history, we have managed to create a unique and successful sales process. Today, you as a customer can rent and test one or more machines before making a purchase decision. It gives us the chance to prove ourselves.

Are you ready to give us a chance? Get in touch with one of our sales representatives today!

Daniel Carlberg, CEO at Norditek

But why?

Why work at Norditek?

At Norditek, we are driven by a strong desire to constantly develop. As a company and above all as people. We want to continue to be involved in creating environmental benefits for society and we know that there is enormous potential with all the knowledge of material separation and recycling that is waiting to become a reality out there.

To make this happen, we need to continue to develop as a company, and then we who work here need to continue to develop. That is why it is so important for us to have a corporate culture characterized by participation, entrepreneurship, a positive spirit and a common desire to take on society's challenges with material recycling.

Norditek has been around since 1998, but the pace of development has never been faster. Are you interested in joining us? Send your spontaneous application to

Vision of Norditek's new test and competence center and headquarters, just south of Kungsbacka. The facility is expected to be completed in 2025. It will house test labs, training centers, demos and inspiring recycling projects.

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