Less hassle, more recycling

  • Cleaner fractions
  • Increased production
  • Greater flexibility

Test the material

Before we talk machines, let's test your material. Send us a sample or we'll test drive it directly in the field. We are here to show you how to achieve the best material quality from the start with smarter methods and less machinery - yep, you heard right. More recycling with less machinery!

Rent or buy

Once we have found the solution for your material, we can start production immediately. Yep, you heard right again. You rent, lease or buy depending on what's best for your project. And if we can help you with the production data, we are happy to do so, making all decisions much easier to make.

From mobile to desktop

Grow your project with us. We help you with service, optimization and upgrades. And when it's time to grow? Then we can take you from a mobile solution to a full-scale stationary facility. Together we take your project to new heights, for a better future.



Norditek conveyors are flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

Screening media suitable for different materials and machine types.

Rubber mops, scrapers, plows and more for your windshifter.

We offer overband magnets, drum magnets and end roller magnets.

We offer overband magnets, drum magnets and end roller magnets.

Recycling systems by Norditek™   

All our machines are part of our modular system. This allows more technologies to be combined for a more detailed sorting of your material. Contact us today and we'll show you in numbers how to get more out of your time and material.


- Now we can sort out metals such as aluminum, zinc, lead and even precious metals such as gold and silver from even the finest fractions, which increases the recycling rate.

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