Modular concepts for industrial waste management

Recycling of industrial waste

Our concepts for recycling in industry provide cleaner fuels with less content of, for example, stone, glass and concrete. A cleaner fuel, in turn, leads to significantly less ash, which helps boiler owners to reduce costs in ash management, since stone and glass do not burn, it is unnecessary to put them in the boiler.

The material owner receives increased revenue through a higher income on all end products. Both the environment and society benefit through reduced transportation of ash and stone. It also leads to reduced mining operations as metals are recycled before incineration. Working to recycle metal saves a lot of energy. Aluminum is a good example as it saves 95% of the energy otherwise needed to create new aluminum. Recycling steel saves 75% of the energy.

Modular concept

More clean fractions from your construction waste


- Now we can sort out metals such as aluminum, zinc, lead and even precious metals such as gold and silver from even the finest fractions, which increases the recycling rate.

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Slag sorting

By sorting the material into several fractions and using magnets and eddy current magnets of the right type, we can maximize the yield of metals such as copper, aluminum, iron, etc.

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