From start-up to service, accessories and training.

We strive to offer our customers a complete experience. We can help you with service, spare parts, training and various retrofits that add value to your material.

Full control of performance

The right screening media

The screening media is essential to maximize your production capacity. We have the expertise to select the right screening media and produce screening media of highly durable quality. 

Original spare parts

We offer original spare parts necessary to maintain the warranty and performance of your equipment. Contact us for help with the right spare parts.


Our service team can retrofit everything from spare parts to magnets and conveyor belts at your site. We ensure that your equipment works as it should.


Guaranteed security with a service contract

For long-term peace of mind and preventive maintenance, we offer tailor-made service contracts. This ensures that your products continue to function optimally and avoid unplanned downtime.

Together with our reliable service partners, we have coverage from northern Norrland to southern Skåne. Contact us to find out more about our service agreements.


Norditek conveyors are flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

Screening media suitable for different materials and machine types.

Rubber mops, scrapers, plows and more for your windshifter.

We offer overband magnets, drum magnets and end roller magnets.

We offer overband magnets, drum magnets and end roller magnets.


A good education provides the right conditions

To ensure that you and your team have the necessary skills, we offer training programs. For example, we offer basic machine safety training and training programs on the possibilities of separation technology. Get in touch with us to talk training.

Our technical support is always ready to solve your problems when you contact us

Technical support


Simon Erro

Technical support, Remote support

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Magnus Gunneriusson

Niklas Christensen

Technical support, Start-ups

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Hans-Olof Boman

Technical support, Hydraulics

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Tomas Jonsson

Technical support, Electricity

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Peter Franklin

Technical support, Field service

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Training courses


Emanuel Hauptmann

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