Recycling of biomass

Our biomass sorting solutions remove impurities and sort the fractions into the right size. Improving the quality of the biofuel means, for example, that it can be sold at a higher price.

For example, one solution is successfully used to improve the quality of recycled wood. This is done by reducing the fines in the final product using a 5 mm sorting deck on a Backer star screen together with a windshifter that can remove impurities of different density, such as plastics, aluminum, etc.

For the recycling of bark and urban bark, it is instead just a matter of separating the inert material. 

More efficient management of biomass

Norditek's methods for recycling stumps and bark include Screening plants and windshifter and a lot of experience in the field. Through Our treatment, stumps and bark are broken down in a way that gives the material a low ash content and a high energy value. It can then be used to produce biofuel. This process is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need to use fossil fuels and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Higher energy value with star sights and windshifter

The star sieve is essential to achieve the high energy value of this fuel and depending on the nature of the input material, one or two wind sieves are used.

In the case of forest waste with a lot of stumps, the material first needs to go through a crusher where it is crushed together with other larger pieces of wood before it can be sieved from smaller material.

Backer's star sieves have a separation limit down to 5 mm, which is unique for star sieves. Backer's 5 mm rubber stars have a large diameter which increases the lifespan and ensures that the material is properly screened.

windshifter is a technique used to remove light materials, such as the wood, from the heavy waste. It works by creating an air stream that blows away the light particles while retaining the heavier waste. This is particularly important as it reduces the ash content of the recycled material, which is crucial for increasing its energy value.

Benefits of biofuels 

  • Biofuel has no negative impact in terms of CO2 emissions as it is climate neutral.
  • Biofuels are renewable energy because they are made from natural and renewable raw materials.
  • Biofuel is a more cost-effective choice as savings can amount to around 60-70% of previous costs.

Using biofuels derived from bark and biomass is both environmentally friendly and good for the climate - as long as you use high quality biofuels produced in a controlled and sustainable way.

Energy recovery from biomass

Our solutions ensure efficient energy recovery from forestry residual waste. When waste cannot be reused or recycled, energy recovery becomes an option to harness the energy from residual waste.

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