High-speed wood crushers

Norditek offers fast moving and durable wood crushers.

Sifts material down to 0.3 mm

Moist stone meal, recycled concrete, slag, etc.

Fits Norditek's modular system

B-66 wood crusher

The B-66 wood crusher matches rugged reliability with precision crushing technology, providing high capacity for the production of customized end products. The B-66 wood crusher is more versatile than any other crusher on the market, delivering high quality end products from a wide range of wood fibers and agricultural waste.

Horsepower: 765 hp
Length: 49' 7"
Width: 9′ 6″
Height: 13' 3"
Weight: 29.4 tons (approximately)

MC-266 wood crusher

For over 10 years, the MC-266 wood crusher has embodied the benefits that make the Rotochopper difference - "Perfectly Direct" crushing capacity matched with efficiency, versatility and reliability - all packaged in a highly portable platform.

Horse power: 475-540 hp
Length: 50′ 3″
Width: 8′ 6″
Height: 13′ 5″
Weight: 19.5 tons (approx.)


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