Concept to recycle wood & forest waste

Processing wood waste and getting more energy from the forest

Our sorting concept to recycle wood and process wood waste and other materials produces a cleaner fuel with less content of stone, glass, concrete, etc. A cleaner fuel creates significantly less ash, which helps boiler owners to reduce their ash management costs. Since stone and glass do not burn, it is unnecessary to put them in the boiler. The material owner gets increased revenues through higher revenues on all end products.

Both the environment and society benefit from using our sorting concept as it leads to reduced transportation of ash and stone and reduced mining (as metals are recovered before incineration). Working to recycle forest waste and metal saves a lot of energy today.

Aluminum is a good example of benefits as it saves 95% of the energy otherwise needed to create new aluminum. Steel recycling saves 75% of the energy.

Easier to get started

Norditek will test your material and adapt the facility so that you can start production immediately. You choose whether you want to rent, lease or buy the machines and we make sure everything works. From one material to another.


How to recycle more metal

Our metal recycling technologies deliver significant economic and environmental benefits.


windshifter creates new opportunities

Our windshifter is designed to separate lighter materials from heavier ones. This creates new opportunities for recycling.


Getting more energy from forests

We improve the quality of your sorting and biofuel production.


Ashes can be worth their weight in gold

Read about our project with Ragn-Sells to increase the recovery of precious metals from slag ash.

Fashion concept

Processing your wood waste


 - We used Norditek machines to sort bark and biofuel. The advantage is their local presence and that they have the products we need but I would also like to emphasize their service and the ability to quickly provide spare parts if something breaks.

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Bark and biomass

Biomass is a type of renewable energy source consisting of natural and organic material such as waste from forestry and agriculture. Biomass is used to produce biofuels, among other things.

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