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Norditek won a tender for Telge Återvinning by increasing production capacity

October 24, 2023

"We are satisfied with what we see today and Andreas Pettersson at Norditek has been patient on this journey. It was already a year ago that we test drove the technology to see that it kept its promise. Norditek and its service partner delivered and we feel very satisfied so far and are now looking forward to starting production." says Tommy Johansson, Department Manager Material Recycling, Telge Återvinning.

Andreas Pettersson is responsible for Mälardalen at Norditek and has shown how Telge Återvinning can increase its capacity by investing in a new flexible solution.

"We test drove all their materials and saw that it worked in all weather conditions. The capacity and flexibility are hard to beat in this facility because you can both run a waste box and increase the capacity of operational waste, soil material, foundry sand, etc. and then easily switch to a rock box and to run tough materials such as rock and concrete." says Andreas Pettersson.

Telge Återvinning works to collect and process waste through economically and environmentally sustainable management. This involves household waste but also waste solutions for companies and industries. Together with Norditek, they now have the opportunity to increase the degree of processing of more materials and at the same time increase the capacity of their plant.

"Today we can't get enough capacity in the plant and that's why we chose to go out and look at new solutions. For example, Our topsoil production where we can increase capacity and the garden compost where we have had problems with plastic pollution, which we can address with this plant if we add the module windshifter. When we run stubble, together with Norditeks water bath (which is the option) we can get clean materials. Then we want to be able to start reusing excavated material more and we have Our foundry sand where we can now remove the metals because the new sorting plant is fully equipped with magnets. We also receive mixed construction and demolition waste, so there is simply a lot we can do now." says Tommy Johansson.

Norditek sees a clear trend among more waste owners here and is able to deliver everything from trainings to start-ups and aftermarket support.

"We see the trend that waste owners want to treat their material themselves, and our facilities are there to solve their problems. We test drive and help them get started with proper training for the different machines. We write service agreements and provide access to Our support and aftermarket to ensure that production is as good and efficient as possible," says Andreas Pettersson.

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Marketing Manager, Norditek

076-327 38 10 (http://tel:076-327 38 10)

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