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New progress in metal recycling thanks to unique cooperation between Norditek and Ragn-Sells

June 29, 2021 -

For several years, Norditek and Ragn-Sells have worked in close and long-term cooperation to develop the handling of slag ash. Slag ash is a residual product from the nearly 300 plants in Sweden that supply electricity and district heating. The ash from the incineration of waste and biofuel often contains large amounts of metals.

By adding extremely high magnetic forces, it is now possible to handle small and weakly magnetic particles such as precious metals - "Now we can sort out metals such as aluminum, zinc, lead and even precious metals such as gold and silver even from the finest fractions, which means that the recycling rate increases," says Bernt Jansson, section manager at Ragn-Sells.

The goal of the long-term work has been to constantly increase the recycling rate of metals. - In order to get the most out of Our technology, long and frequent dialogues are needed, and Ragn-Sells has really invited this, says Daniel Carlberg.

It is estimated that 1.2-1.4 million tons of bottom ash are produced per year from plants burning mixed waste. This ash may contain 10-15% magnetic metals and 1.5-2% non-magnetic metals. - This represents an important potential for recycling," says Daniel Carlberg.

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Daniel Carlberg
CEO, Norditek
T: 0702-19 04 91

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