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Affärsvärlden's jury: Norditek winner when it comes to quality

April 12, 2022 -

The jury's motivation for the award at Affärsvärlden's IPO of the Year event was that Norditek managed to avoid any flags in the review prior to last year's IPO, which together with the company's development after the listing gave the best result in the category.

"The award is a mark of quality over time as society is better off when good companies are given the resources to create wealth and bad companies and practices are exposed." according to Affärsvärlden.

"We thank Affärsvärlden for the award and for the work to highlight important quality factors for companies to develop successfully in the long term. For us, this quality stamp gives us a boost in our efforts to deliver the highest quality to our customers, so that they can drive even faster in the transition to increased recycling and a circular future," says Daniel Carlberg, CEO of Norditek Group.

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