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Announcement of the Annual General Meeting on January 23, 2024

January 23, 2024 -

The Annual General Meeting passed the following resolutions. For more detailed information on the content of the resolutions, please refer to the notice of the meeting and complete proposals for resolutions, which have previously been published and are available on the company's website,

Allocation of results 

The AGM resolved to adopt the presented income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and balance sheet. The meeting also decided to transfer the company's unrestricted equity to a new account.

Discharge from liability 

The meeting resolved to discharge the members of the Board of Directors and the CEO from liability for the financial year 2022-09-01 to 2023-08-31. 

Election of the board of directors and auditor

The meeting decided that the Board of Directors shall consist of four (4) members without any deputies. The following persons were elected by the meeting to the board:

- Göran Nordlund - re-election
- Daniel Carlberg - re-election
- Martin Larsson - re-election
- Nina Modig - re-election

The meeting also resolved to elect Bright Norr AB as auditing company with Oskar Hettinger as auditor in charge.

Determination of fees for the board of directors and the auditor 

The meeting resolved that board fees of SEK 57,300 (one price base amount) shall be paid to the external board member for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting. Other board members who are also major shareholders in the Company shall not receive any board fees. It was further resolved that fees to the auditor shall be paid according to approved invoice.

Authorized for the rights issue 

The meeting decided to authorize the Board of Directors to decide on a new issue of shares with or without deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights. The purpose of the authorization is to increase financial flexibility and the Board's scope of action. The authorization may be used to issue a maximum of ten (10) percent of the total number of outstanding shares in the Company at the time of the issue decision. The issue price shall be determined on market terms.

Establishment of warrant programs

The meeting decided to establish a warrant program for senior executives and key employees. The warrant program means that the company issues a maximum of 175,000 warrants to the wholly owned subsidiary Norditek Produktion AB, which entitles the holder to subscribe for a maximum of 175,000 shares in the company with the right and obligation for Norditek Produktion AB to handle the warrants in accordance with the warrant program.

Approximately 52 percent of Norditek's shares and votes were represented at the meeting.

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 23, 2024
The Board of Directors

For further information: 

Daniel Carlberg
President and CEO Norditek Group AB

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