Conveyors roll into the range

In a collaboration with Coveya, Norditek is now launching a product line of modular belt conveyors perfect for recycling, soils, construction waste and biomass, and more. The products have been on the world market for a long time and are both robust and very efficient, which is why Norditek has now chosen to launch them in Sweden.

With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, Norditek is constantly expanding its modular recycling system and the new products are well aligned with streamlining the management of waste recycling and biomass transportation. These robust conveyors improve efficiency, sustainability and economy in waste management.

Modular design: Conveyors with great flexibility

At the heart of Norditek is the idea of modular design to handle more and more complex problems in recycling. This modular approach has also guided the engineers at Coveya in designing belt conveyors to suit the specific needs of different industries. Whether transporting recyclable materials, construction waste or biomass, these belt conveyors can be tailored to optimize loading, unloading and transport processes, reducing downtime and increasing operational productivity.

Robust construction: Designed for the toughest tasks

Norditek's new conveyors are not only modularly designed; they are carefully engineered to withstand the toughest working conditions. The robust construction ensures that they can seamlessly handle heavy loads, withstand harsh environments and withstand heavy use. This durability leads to reduced maintenance requirements, longer service life and ultimately a more sustainable investment for recycling and waste management companies.

Norditek's new belt conveyors can be found here

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