Terex washing

Terex Washing's plant is both flexible and more mobile, which means that it works very well even for smaller production. It becomes possible to recycle excavated material for more people because the investment is smaller, mainly because the plant is optimized for smaller production.

För fraktioner ner till 0,1 mm<

Shaft masses

Fits Norditek's modular system

Possibility of obtaining very small fractions

When dry washing is not enough, a plant from Terex Washing Systems is a good investment. The plants can handle muddy and sticky masses and obtain very small fractions. It is possible to obtain fractions down to 0.1 mm.

Our experience is that there are major economic and environmental benefits to be gained from increased recycling of excavated soil. Since the handling and extraction of new excavated soil often leads to an unnecessarily high climate impact and cost.

Terex washing equipment is:

- Adapted for recycling excavated material into aggregates and sand

- Scalable from simple recycling to more advanced

- Compatible with our Screening plants and wind sieves

Recycling of sand together with Noridtek

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