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Rapid development for the company that wants to be the best

Telge Återvinning wants to be the best in Sweden and has gotten off to a flying start with its flexible plant from Norditek. One windshifter quickly became two and the flexible plant now runs many different materials with both a higher production rate and degree of processing.

Tommy Johansson at Telge Återvinning appreciates the Norditectrap: From test to best.

Becoming a technology supplier to someone with the goal of becoming the best in Sweden, that's a big boost. From the start, Telge Återvinning chose a Screening plants from Norditek with the flexibility to handle both waste and materials such as gravel and rock. In addition, various magnetic solutions were implemented to optimize the recycling of valuable metal fractions, as well as a windshifter to increase the processing rate of other important fractions. Telge Återvinning has now expanded its plant with an additional windshifter and a conveyor, in order to continue to grow in capacity and processing rate. In addition, a slow-moving crusher is occasionally used to prepare certain materials for further processing.

Tommy Johansson, Department Manager for Material Recycling at Telge Återvinning, was pleased with the collaboration early on: "We are very pleased with the results we see today. Andreas Pettersson at Norditek has shown impressive patience during this journey. We started testing the technology already a year ago to ensure that it lives up to our expectations. Norditek, together with its service partner, has delivered."


From test to best - how to get the best material quality in recycling


Andreas Pettersson, responsible for Mälardalen at Norditek, has been the key person behind the demonstration of Norditek's flexible modular system and technology. He says: "Initially, we carried out test runs with all types of materials and found that our solutions worked in all conditions. The plant stands out for its capacity and flexibility, as it can handle everything from waste boxes to materials such as soil, foundry sand and rock. In addition, we can easily switch to the rock box to handle tough materials such as rock and concrete."

Telge Återvinning has a clear focus on collecting and processing waste in an economic and environmentally friendly way. The collaboration with Norditek has enabled an increased degree of processing for several materials and at the same time an increase in the capacity of their plant.

Tommy Johansson further explains: "Our the current plant has been struggling to reach the desired capacity, which led us to explore new solutions. For example, we have improved topsoil production and thanks to the new plant and module windshifter we can now handle plastic contaminants in Our garden compost. We have also seen the benefits of using Norditek's water bath in stubble management to produce cleaner material. In addition, we have optimized Our foundry sand handling by eliminating metals, thanks to the magnetic separation solutions supplied by Norditek. We now also accept mixed construction and demolition waste, which opens up even more opportunities."


In this application, Telge Återvinning is running a compost project where an additional 50 percent topsoil is extracted. The sorting plant has the flexibility to handle both waste and materials such as gravel and rock. Here it is run together with a windshifter.

New trend in recycling

Norditek has identified a growing demand among waste owners who want plants that can be customized to their specific needs. Norditek offers a complete solution, including training, start-up and aftermarket support, to ensure that production is as efficient and profitable as possible.

Andreas Pettersson summarizes: "We see a strong trend where waste owners themselves want to take responsibility for the handling of their material and solve their unique challenges. We are here to support with test runs, training for different machines, service agreements and comprehensive aftermarket support to ensure efficient production."

With Norditek's flexible modular system and various separation techniques, including wind screening, density separation and various magnetic separation solutions, Telge Återvinning is well equipped to take the next step in its journey to become the best in recycling in Sweden. At Norditek, we look forward to continuing to help towards their ambitious vision of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for Mälardalen and Sweden.

Tommy Johansson explains the background to the new facility: "Our current facility has had difficulty reaching the desired capacity, which led us to explore new solutions."

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